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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

Herd Health and a Host of Other Articles

This is a collection of articles that are all written by Patricia White, DVM and co-owner of LEA-White Farms. Virtually all of them have been published in the Bagpipe, the quarterly magazine of the American Highland Cattle Association. Some of them are opinion pieces, most are strictly educational, based on a lot of my own experience with Highland cattle. Browse through these; several have a number of subcategories, so you may find just that piece on information you've been looking for. I will be periodically adding new articles as I see fit, and as I write them.

Handling Highlands Safely: I received a lot of compliments on this recent article; I feel it is such an important topic that in addition to being listed on this page, I left it permanently on the navigation bar.

Preserving the Breed: Opinion piece
Rules for Healthy Cattle: Our five simple rules for owning Highland cattle.
Keeping Show Stock Healthy: preparing your cattle to stay healthy on show day.
Body Condition: the importance of maintaining adequate flesh on your cattle.
Bull Management: suggested protocols to ensure your bull is doing his job.
Calving Season: Things to have on hand when that time arrives.

•  Normal Calving

•  Calving Difficulty

•  When to Get Help

•  Calf Aid -Making sure that calf gets off to a good start.

•  Hypothermia-treating the calf that gets chilled.

•  Calves that Won't Nurse- every trick I know to get them on the cow.

Calf Scours: causes of like threatening diarrhea in calves

•  Preventing Calf Scours

Castration: advantages and methods.

Dehorning: If you really have to do it

Feed Requirements: general comments

•  Winter Feeding: ensuring the health of your cattle.

•  Adequate Feed Availability: my pet peeve is inadequate feed availability; how to make sure your cattle get fed.

 •  Grain Overload/Acidosis: Grain feeding is not a benign action: care is needed.

Marketing Your Cattle: common sense information of maximizing the value of your cattle and keeping your buyers happy.

Manipulating Heat: methods to get your cow herd bred in a timely fashion.

Preconditioning: Weaning healthy calves.

Selection: choosing the right replacements from your heifer crop.

Shelter: recommendations.

Cattle Diseases: Directory for specific disease related articles

  Biosecurity: keeping your herd free of unwanted disease.

•  Bloat: a potentially deadly disease; causes and treatment.

•  Brucellosis: a description of the importance and prevention of this disease.

•  Bovine Viral Diarrhea: incredibly common and serious disease.

•  Coccidiosis: common parasite that can really do damage to your young stock.

•  Fly Strike and Maggots

•  Footrot

•  Founder: not just for horses.

•  Leptospirosis: a common pathogen spread by wildlife

•  Mastitis: not just in dairy cattle.

 •  Parasites: the worms that can affect your cattle.

•  Tetanus and Blackleg: and other diseases caused by the poisons produced by the Clostridia family.

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